Of Sense and Synchronicity – A Practical Approach to Esoteric Thinking


Shamblogger Steve Salerno as of late remarked that individuals who live a religious presence appear, in his experience, to just be “more pleasant” individuals than the common humanists he has experienced. By and by, I know some pleasant mainstream humanists, yet I have encountered a parallel in regard to contrasts I have seen in those I would term “simpletons” versus “symbolists”.

Simpletons, for motivations behind my exchange here, are the individuals who by and large view life as a progression of cause-impact connections. They consider themselves to be reasonable, dependable and grounded (and may in all likelihood be). They ponder life, and worth the “sensible”. Established in the solid, “material” plane, they might be incline toward straight reasoning (on the off chance that you are lost and need bearings, ask a simpleton). Life is viewed as a WYSIWYG arrangement of occasions. They may have a strict direction, however it will in general be progressively stubborn and rule-based with genuinely clear rules for conduct and what comprises “great” or “terrible”. In the outrageous, they incline toward fundamentalism.

Symbolists, then again, will in general be of the idea that “there is more going on here than meets the eye.”  external Frame Backpack
They will in general be attracted to the language of allegory and are increasingly open to considering data from sources that would cause numerous simpletons to flinch, for example, utilizing the utilization of crystal gazing, Tarot, feng shui or other esoterica when settling on noteworthy choices. Synchronistic occasions are esteemed vital and given cautious respect though a simpleton may just make a similar look like an “entertaining happenstance” with no further useful worth. Symbolists, who are intrigued not just in “even” or direct “Point A to Point B” movements, however who are likewise attracted to search for “vertical” or extraordinary subjects and examples in every day life, will in general be non-straight masterminds.

I make no examination between these two gatherings as far as scholarly ability or their probability of having the option to make common progress and satisfy the material needs of presence. I do, notwithstanding, accept that the symbolists appear to passage far superior than the simpletons when adapting to challenges and misfortunes, especially with respect to unforeseen occasions.

As you may gather, I consider myself unequivocally as a real part of the symbolists and it is from this viewpoint that I compose. I will admit that, the same number of symbolists will in general incline toward the edges of mass society, I was closeted (to a certain extent) in my reality see out of a worry that perusers may scrutinize my groundedness and capacity to be of good, pragmatic help to them. At the same time, off camera, I have been drenched in symbolist confined discourses with huge numbers of the most convincing and balanced individuals I have ever referred to, just as being persistently occupied with investigation of work by others of this twisted, and the proof is that the symbolists give off an impression of being undeniably stronger, decidedly drew in with life and stimulated in general, especially even with difficulty, than their simpleton partners.

I will battle that one can be a symbolist paying little mind to profound or strict connection. I do accept, notwithstanding, that a symbolist world view infers some feeling of the otherworldly throughout everyday life, or if nothing else a dispute that there is some superseding request to the Universe. On the off chance that we are to take a gander at such things as synchronicity, emblematic and figurative events throughout everyday life, by definition these occasions allude to something past themselves. That extraordinary or “meta-space” is one that I for one allude to as profound however I urge you to term it in the manner accommodates your standpoint the best.

Realize that a symbolist see has a down to earth angle. In any event it will as you see me talk about it here. I have known excessively numerous people who are attracted to esoterica, going to clairvoyants, celestial prophets and palm perusers, for instance, however then do literally nothing with the data they get. Self-mitigating with the stars is by no means what I am upholding here. For me, the functional, individual handiness of a symbolist perspective is a conviction. For the huge numbers of you who have asked me how I can generally keep a comical inclination, hold my good faith and remain enthusiastically occupied with life this is it. I am giving everything away totally here. Notwithstanding, paying little respect to what I do or don’t rehearse in this field, I will never recommend that you investigate any types of divination or request that you embrace a conviction framework from any ways of thinking I present.

All I ask is that you stay open. Engage the conceivable outcomes recommended by alternate points of view. At that point focus on what happens in your every day life, utilize your insight and reach your very own determinations.

What we are discussing here is basically a language. Representative and allegorical dialects have been utilized by humankind for centuries and are utilized by us all as an ordinary the usual result. In the event that you have ever alluded to somebody as a “much needed refresher” or have felt like a “substitute” you have been dunking your toe into the universe of representation. (See what I did there?) One of my objectives recorded as a hard copy on this point is to take the representative and allegorical and grow it for you, reviving it, in a manner of speaking.

For what reason would I need you to be increasingly mindful of image and analogy in your life?

Since emblematic language is illuminative. Developing expanded familiarity with imagery, representation and synchronistic occasions throughout your life has reasonable ramifications for how you live. It will add lavishness and profundity to your life. It will assist you with overcoming troublesome occasions. It will breed fearlessness and give comfort. Understanding somewhat about folklore and originals, which may appear to be an arcane topic superficially, can straightforwardly convert into your living an increasingly rich and remunerating life.

I witnessed this in a sensational manner when I originally exhibited the “Winged serpent Slaying” representation to my customers. That allegory changed the way where my customers identified with their troubles in a significant manner and prompted solid activities and forward progress, to a degree I had not envisioned. The similitude gave every one of us an approach to conceptualize and externalize the issue with the goal that it could be drawn closer. What’s more, since we as a whole have heaps of the green scaleys to fight with, it likewise universalized the difficulties. It’s a lot simpler to be courageous when you can investigate (also back in time) and see others likewise in fight. For those of my customers who have had event to meet one another, a kind of “warrior bond” was effectively framed. What’s more, with the bond came mental fortitude, however humor.

At the point when you can chuckle despite dread (even while shouting), you have made a huge difference.

Also, that was only ONE illustration, from one page in one book (Nietzsche, Thus Spake Zarathustra). I’d like all of you to have a greater allegorical jargon than that.

The more prominent your emblematic mindfulness and “jargon” the more charming life becomes. It assumes the nature of a conundrum to be fathomed or a fortune chase to pursue. Unreasonably offbeat for you? All things considered, I simply happen to concur with a more noteworthy head than mine. As John Maynard Keynes watched, it was Sir Isaac Newton himself who

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